Don’t say the “g-word”. No, not God…the OTHER “g-word”!

This month, Tennessee dealt a double blow to LGBT Americans by passing a law that blatantly allows discrimination, and advancing another hate inspired bill to the House of Representatives. As we all know, any law that discriminates against other Americans is playing right into the terrorist agenda- they seek to divide us so we crumble apart from the inside.

The “Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act” hasn’t really earned a clever nickname in the press, so let’s give it one- the “Bigot Boss Act”? Anyway, the law removes the power of counties or cities from enacting civil rights laws, and was authored specifically to overturn an ordinance in Nashville that prohibited discrimination in the workplace of state employed LGBT people. In other words, the state doesn’t want LGBTs in its employ, even if Nashville is fine with it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s another bill in the works to help the terrorists out even more! That’s right, the infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill passed in the state senate earlier this week, and offers two weaknesses for the terrorists to exploit! The first and most obvious one is the same as above. The other is much more subtle.

“Don’t Say Gay” essentially would ban elementary and middle school kids, as well as their teachers from saying the word gay, or even mentioning anything to do with homosexuality. It’s being promoted as a way to keep sex education class on the topic of reproduction, but therein lies the problem: it’s a way to teach ignorance. And an ignorant populace is much easier to control or destroy.

It’s well documented that children become sexually active well before high school. Don’t believe me? A quick google search will return a plethora of studies, all of which indicate an alarmingly large percentage children have had intercourse by age 12. And with the constant media attention on gay rights in combination with their own biology, they’re going to have questions about same sex and transgender issues.

So, if kids aren’t getting answers about homosexuality from their teachers, where are they going to get them from? More specifically, where would you rather they get them from? Parents? Friends? Internet? By restricting a child’s ability to seek answers, you’re encouraging them to find their own, and find them they will. Oh, and by the way, teaching ignorance in this manner is how falsehoods like “you can’t get pregnant your first time” or “only gay people can get HIV” are spread.

So keep up the good work, Tennessee. When the terrorists finally do take over, they may honor you for creating these weaknesses! You know, after they kill us all.


About Arthur Dishman

I am an amateur philosopher and fiction writer who is very concerned about some of the things happening in the world around me. I have been posting a lot of political rants to my facebook, so I've decided to sequester my ramblings to its own spot. Also, I'm not exactly lacking for hobbies or things to do in my free time, so I update rather infrequently.
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2 Responses to Don’t say the “g-word”. No, not God…the OTHER “g-word”!

  1. I could vomit at stuff like this. Nothing pisses me off more than people pushing agendas. You want to push an agenda so bad – how about this one: Let’s push an agenda of love, acceptance, and openness.

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