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I am an amateur philosopher and fiction writer who is very concerned about some of the things happening in the world around me. I have been posting a lot of political rants to my facebook, so I've decided to sequester my ramblings to its own spot. Also, I'm not exactly lacking for hobbies or things to do in my free time, so I update rather infrequently.

Gun Control…Really?

That does it – this blog is officially revived, and it only took twenty dead kindergarteners. That’s right, the topic of this article is Newton, Connecticut, or more specifically the politization of it. The victims’ bodies weren’t even cold before … Continue reading

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Been a long time

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. Been busy with real life and work. I know, they’re such common excuses. Anyway, this is just a quick update to give a couple people credit for being extremely tolerant and promoting peace. RfrancisR is … Continue reading

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My America

“This land is your land, this land is my land” say the lyrics to Woody Guthrie’s popular patriotic song. I would love to believe that, but in my America, politicians serve the good of the people, not their own interests. … Continue reading

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Sci-fi becomes reality. Again.

The news lately been littered with stories of ‘hacktivists’ dispensing their own brand of vigilante justice upon the internet. Science fiction writers have been warning us of cyber terrorism for decades. Make no mistake, LulzSec and and Anonymous are terrorist … Continue reading

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A Banner Day for HTTHW

So, this isn’t really a HTTHW article as much as it is a pat on the back for my new banner and a couple other miscellaneous changes around the blog. So, to answer all your questions before you can ask … Continue reading

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Don’t say the “g-word”. No, not God…the OTHER “g-word”!

This month, Tennessee dealt a double blow to LGBT Americans by passing a law that blatantly allows discrimination, and advancing another hate inspired bill to the House of Representatives. As we all know, any law that discriminates against other Americans is playing … Continue reading

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So, how bout dem terrorists?

I would like to mention that screening those who were at Ground Zero during the September 11 attacks as terrorists a stupid and cruel witch hunt. They are now subjected to a background check in order to continue receiving free care for … Continue reading

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